Chocoholics Ransack Tesco For Cut Price Chocolate Oranges

Tesco shoppers cashed in on a computer glitch this week that saw Terry’s Chocolate Oranges being sold for just 29p – nearly 90 per cent lower than the normal £2.75 price.
Bargain-hunters besieged Tesco supermarkets across the country as news of the pricing error spread across the internet, with many people buying the chocolate in bulk.
One shopper said they had bought 192 packets at a total cost of only £56, meaning they saved an incredible £472. Another claimed to have bought 55 for £15 – making a saving of £133.
Customers even took to Facebook to show off their bargains after one user set up a page titled “Terry’s Chocolate Orange Glitch, I was there”, with some claiming to have made a profit after selling on their purchases on eBay for up to £7 each.
Others got creative by uploading photos of their chocolate treats, with some arranging the boxes of oranges to spell out the words ‘Tesco’ and ‘Yay’.
Tesco said the pricing glitch was caused after two separate discount offers were put on the treats, but insisted that the issue was quickly resolved. However it did not reveal how many cut-price chocolate oranges were accidentally sold this week nor how much money was lost at the tills as a result.
A spokeswoman for the UK’s largest retailer said: “We deal with 35,000 – 40,000 products, so sometimes these things happen. However, we are putting steps in place to make sure that it does not happen again.”