The internet could drive payday loans uptake

The convenience and ease of use associated with the internet could serve to play a role in an increasing number of individuals opting for payday loans to help stretch their finances from one pay packet to the next.
Indeed, Britain Loans has announced a new website that aims to make such deals more accessible to a wider audience of people in the UK.
According to the group, it is hoped the portal will help it become a popular option among consumers who are turning to the world wide web in order to easily access quick financial assistance.
The provider – which is based in York Street, London – is aiming to make the site easy to find with the help of search engines, as well as featuring a simple application process that all customers are able to understand.
It is hoped the lack of paperwork and faxing will make the internet procedure highly desirable for those who are seeking fast and efficient monetary help.
Access to funds is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the company went on to point out.