Whistling microwave curries to hit Tesco shelves in June

Tesco is to launch a new range of ready made Indian dishes, which whistle like a traditional kettle when they’re ready to eat.
The six microwave meals, made by S&R Foods under the East End brand, feature innovative pressure-cooker packaging that uses a valve in the film lid to emit a loud whistle when the meal is cooked, meaning there is no need to pierce the lid or stir halfway through cooking.
Speaking to The Grocer magazine, a spokesman for MicVac, the Swedish company behind the technology, said: “You put the product in the microwave, don’t have to stir it halfway through, hear it whistle and it’s ready. It’s a step change in the food industry.”
“It’s a clean product and under vacuum so there’s no chance of listeria. We’ve got a Michelin-starred chef who has been using it in Sweden.”
Asad Hussain, commercial director of S&R Foods, commented: “The technology allows us to achieve things that were thought impossible with chilled meals, such as using raw garnishes in-pack and using 100 per cent fresh ingredients in every meal, but still with a 30-day shelf life.”
Tesco will become the first major supermarket to use the MicVac packaging in the UK when it begins selling the microwave curries next month.