Asda selling strawberries by the pound

A supermarket chain has begun offering shoppers punnets of strawberries in pounds and ounces for the first time in 16 years.
Asda is currently trialling 1lb punnets of strawberries which display both imperial and metric measurements on the packaging in response to growing customer demand for old-style weight labels.
Research by the retailer found that 70 per cent of its shoppers were confused by the metric system and would prefer products to be labelled in pounds.
Asda strawberry buyer Andy Jackson said: “Customers had been badgering us to sell our fruit in pounds and ounces.”
“No one wants to order a litre of beer in the pub, so why do we have to buy 453.39g of strawberries?”
If the trial with strawberries proves successful, Asda said it will consider rolling out imperial measures on other fruit and vegetables .
Packaging on fruit and veg is required by law to display metric grams and kilos, but imperial measures can be used as a “supplementary indication” following a change to EU legislation on weights and measures in 2007.