Tesco caps Asda PriceCheck offer

Tesco has been forced to limit its refund offer to customers that find goods cheaper at rival Asda following misuse of the promotional campaign.
Over the past month, the supermarket has promised to pay shoppers “double the difference” on any products that find are available for less at Asda stores .
But the retailer has now decided to cap refund vouchers to £20 per shop after finding that a number of customers have exploited its PriceCheck scheme to claim hundreds of pounds at a time by choosing specific baskets of goods which attract the biggest discounts .
A spokesperson for Tesco said consumers were guided by Pricecheck.logicalinternetsolutions.com – an anonymous website that alerted them to items which were much more expensive at Tesco .
“We were made aware via web forums that PriceCheck might not be being used for its genuine purpose by a small number of people,” he said.
“Having looked into it, we’ve taken some steps to protect the initiative. We have now placed a cap of £20 on any refund entitlements – the vast majority of refunds have been nowhere near this figure.”
“In fact, a very small number of customers receive any refund at all after they check their real shop against Asda because they see that Tesco is cheaper .