Tesco accused of bullying tactics over new Birmingham store plans

Tesco has been accused of intimidation and bullying tactics after controversial plans to build a new supermarket in Birmingham were approved by local planning officers.
Proposals for the Tesco store at the former Meteor Ford site in Moseley were rejected just three weeks ago by the council’s planning committee following strong protests form local residents.
Opponents claimed that the Tesco supermarket and health centre would harm local retailers, lacked sufficient parking and would bring the area to a stand-still.
However, planning officers said there was no evidence to support their claims and concluded that the plans should be approved.
Their previous decision was overturned yesterday on the casting vote of the committee chairman, leaving residents and local businesses fuming.
Coun Emily Cox, who represented the anti-Tesco campaigners, called the decision “a disgraceful day for democracy” and said members of the planning committee had “allowed themselves to be bullied” by site developer Exmax and “ignored compelling evidence from residents.”
Fellow Lib Dem councillor David Willis, who also voted against the plans, said: “I am so angry, what happened in there amounted to blackmail.”