Online shoppers unhappy with new Waitrose website

Waitrose has apologised for technical problems that have left customers unhappy with its new £10 million website.
The supermarket chain has faced a stream of criticism from customers over its revamped portal, with many using the online forum to complain about the site’s slow running speed and poor navigation.
The problems have reportedly left some defecting to other online shopping services offered by rivals Sainsburys and Tesco .
In response, Waitrose has been forced to issue a statement apologising for the problems and promising to make a number of changes to its online service to improve usability.
The statement said: “Following one of the biggest retail web changes ever, we’re having some problems with our new website and would like to apologise for the inconvenience and frustration this has clearly caused some of our customers.”
“However, we’re seeing unprecedented volumes with orders up by almost 34 per cent on the same time last year, so clearly the vast majority of shoppers are getting on well with the new site, but we’re working hard to correct the issues others are experiencing as fast as we can.”
“We are using our online forum to let everyone know which changes are being made and when these have taken place.”