Waitrose to promote healthy eating with new Love Life food range

Waitrose has announced plans to launch a range of healthy, nutritionally balanced foods called Waitrose Love Life.
The mid-priced range will consist of more than 270 products, including a blueberry, blackcurrant and beetroot smoothie, and has been developed using the retailer’s in-house nutritionists and the “creativity and flair” of its chefs .
The Love Life brand is designed to complement both the supermarket’s entry-level and higher-end grocery products. However, the Love Life logo will also be included on other Waitrose foods in an effort to highlight their nutritional value.
Waitrose said the new healthy eating range was being introduced in response to growing customer demand for a wider range of wholefoods and less saturated fat.
Dr Joanne Lunn, the supermarket’s nutritionist, said: “We’re well aware that most of us eat too much saturated fat, salt and sugar but we rarely hear about the important nutrients that we’re not getting enough of.”
“Variety is key to getting the balance right. We need over 40 different kinds of vitamins and minerals every day for good health and no single food provides the correct mix of the important nutrients .”
Waitrose’s Love Life range will launch in-store and online on June 20 and will be supported by a quarterly magazine, recipe cards and a dedicated section on the Waitrose website (Waitrose.com).