Asda and Sainsburys make further fuel price cuts

Britain’s major supermarkets have raised the stakes in the latest fuel price war, providing some respite to hard-pressed motorists around the country.
Last week, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys slashed prices at their fuel forecourts by up to 3p a litre following a sudden drop in the cost of oil internationally, sparked by the opening of emergency reserves by the International Energy Agency.
Asda stepped up the price war earlier today by knocking a further 2 a litre off the cost of unleaded petrol and diesel, meaning motorists filling up their tanks at its supermarkets will not be charged more than 128.7p a litre for petrol and 132.7p a litre for diesel fuel .
Asda’s petrol director, Andy Peake, said: “Customers shouldn’t have to buy into gimmicks and promotions to benefit from cheaper petrol – no one should have to pay a premium on food to lower the cost of fuel .”
“Once again Asda is leading the way in saving drivers money and since Saturday, we’ve taken 5ppl off the cost of filling up.”
Sainsbury’s swiftly responded by announcing that it will also reduce fuel prices “by up to 2p a litre” from midnight tonight.
The UK’s third largest grocery retailer will also launch a four-day promotion on Wednesday offering customers 10p off every litre of fuel when they spend £60 or more in store or online.