Rare Italian black truffles available at Morrisons

Morrisons has begun offering fresh Italian black truffles at its flagship store in Kirkstall, Leeds.
The rare and expensive Fresh Black summer truffle, officially named Tuber aestivfum Vitt, is considered one of the finest ingredients in Italian cuisine and is usually grated on top of pasta, egg or chicken dishes.
The product comes from central Italy where it is sourced by local truffle hunters who use specially trained dogs to sniff out the delicacies from the roots of certain trees.
Morrisons is selling the exclusive truffles for £99.99 per kilo, or £9.99 per 100g.
Richard Hardaker, a buyer at the supermarket chain, said: “At Morrisons we pride ourselves on being able to offer the widest range of fresh ingredients we possibly can. Customers are becoming increasingly ambitious at-home chefs, seeking rarer and more unusual produce.
“We are lucky to work directly with suppliers in order to give a great price on a fantastic product such as this to make our stores a real destination for gourmet produce.”