Gourmet mushrooms hit Tesco shelves

Tesco has begun selling a new range of exotic mushrooms in its UK stores in response to growing demand for gourmet produce.
Pink and yellow oyster mushrooms, which originate from the tropics and have a mild, creamy flavour, are now available to buy in 200 Tesco supermarkets across the country.
The gourmet mushrooms are produced by specialist grower Smithy Mushrooms, which is based in Scarisbrick, a small village near Ormskirk, Lancashire. They are grown in upright bags to imitate the natural environment in humid conditions.
According to Tesco, demand for the exotic and highly nutritious varieties has soared by 55 per cent over the last twelve weeks due to their increasing popularity with celebrity chefs.
“These mushrooms are so vividly coloured they literally stop people in their tracks and make them do a double-take,” said Simon Mandelbaum, Tesco’s mushroom buyer.
“Parents will love them as they should add a lot of interest to mealtime for kids and help encourage them to eat their vegetables.”
He added: “Not so long ago gourmet mushrooms were still the preserve of real foodies and could generally only be found in specialist shops.”
“Over the last few years that has changed and TV celebrity chefs such as Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White have featured them in their programmes and they have started to go mainstream.”