Tesco Counters Asda With Daily Dozen Price Scheme

Tesco has stoked up the ongoing price war between itself and Asda by launching a “daily dozen” deal that it claims is less complex than its rival’s 10 per cent cheaper ‘Price Guarantee’.
Under the recently launched Asda scheme, customers who find that the supermarket’s prices are not 10 per cent cheaper than its main rivals are offered a voucher for the difference.
However, Tesco has responded by now promising to highlight a dozen products every day that are cheaper in its stores than at Asda .
The UK’s largest supermarket claims that the Asda’s pledge to be 10 per cent cheaper than its rivals is “a cynical ploy to mislead customers using a flawed comparison” and is so complicated that only a fraction of Asda customers have logged on to the site to check if they are eligible for a refund.
It also claims that Asda would be paying out a staggering £22m in refunds every week if all its customers claimed the vouchers when its products were not 10 per cent cheaper.
Richard Brasher, Tesco’s commercial director and incoming UK Chief Executive, said: “The Asda 10 per cent cheaper price guarantee is misleading and confusing, so we’ve tried to make it simpler.”
“Tesco’s daily updates will show Asda shoppers just a few of the popular groceries Tesco is cheaper on – so they know how to qualify for their refund from Asda .”