Fresh Pizzas Not Always Healthier Than Frozen

A new study has revealed that some frozen pizzas sold at UK supermarkets are healthier than fresh versions.
The research, conducted by consumer group Which? revealed that shoppers could be better off buying frozen, deep pan or stuffed crust pizzas rather than choosing the so-called “healthier” fresh or thin-based options.
After analysing 162 cheese and tomato and pepperoni pizzas available in the major supermarkets and takeaway chains, experts at Which? found that frozen pizzas generally tended to be lower in fat and saturates than fresh alternatives.
Thin crust pizzas were just as likely to be higher in fat and saturates as deep pan and stuffed crust pizzas, while some deep pan and thin crust pizzas had more fat, saturates and salt than stuffed crust versions.
The most unhealthiest pizzas included Tesco’s fresh Full on Flavour Cheese Feast Deep Crust Pizza, which had 14g of saturated fat per 100g, and Dr Oetker’s frozen Chicago Town Edge to Edge Deep Pan New Orleans Pizza and Chicago Town Edge to Edge Deep Pan Miami Meaty Pizza.
The pizzas with the lowest levels of fat, saturates and salt were Asda’s frozen Takeaway Style Margherita and The Co-op’s Frozen Simply Value Cheese and Tomato Pizza .
Morrisons Frozen Value Cheese and Tomato Pizza was among the lowest in calories, saturated fat and salt, while The Co-op’s fresh Italian Inspiration Stonebaked Pepperoni was among the lowest for calories, fat and salt.
Which? said the findings reinforced the need for the UK food industry to reduce levels of salt, saturated fat and calories where possible, and to introduce clearer and more consistent front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes.