Supermarkets agree to move raunchy lads mags to top shelf

Britain’s top supermarkets have agreed to join a campaign to hide so-called lads’ magazines from the view of children.
Mumsnet, a website for concerned parents, has called on all magazine retailers to either put the publications on the top shelf or hide their covers after research revealed that the majority of parents are worried that children are increasingly being exposed to adult sexual content in magazines and on TV.
In response to the concerns, Tesco has pledged to put men’s lifestyle titles on the top shelf of its magazine displays, while Asda said it will shield them with plain covers.
Morrisons, Sainsburys, The Co-operative Group and BP have also agreed to take action to ensure children are not exposed to pictures of semi-naked women.
However, high street retailer WH Smith believes the measures are too strict and claims it already has “a strict display policy in place” to ensure children are not able to view adult content in its stores.