Sainsburys ends price dispute with Pepsi

Sainsbury’s has started selling Pepsi again after reportedly coming to an agreement on pricing.
The Financial Times reports that the supermarket chain has given in, at least partially, on the higher prices demanded by Britvic, the UK distributor of the Pepsi portfolio.
Britvic had stopped supplies after Sainsburys initially refused to pay a large cost increase, which resulted in shortages of the Pepsi brands in Sainsbury’s stores over the past two weeks
But it now seems that the dispute has been resolved, although both Sainsburys and Britvic have both declined to comment.
Earlier this week, Sainsbury’s announced that sales of Fairtrade products were up 27 per cent over the past year, with some £276 million worth of ethical produce sold in-store and online.
The UK’s third largest supermarket also revealed plans to source all of its Fairtrade cotton from a cooperative supplier in Gujarat, India.