Asda Reveals Growing Demand For Ale Among Younger Shoppers

Ale is becoming increasingly popular among young men and women, according to supermarket chain Asda .
A survey of 18,000 shoppers carried out earlier this month found that 60 per cent of men and a quarter of women aged between 21 and 34 prefer a glass of ale over wine or traditional spirit and mixer combos.
The research was backed by Asda sales figures which showed that sales of premium bottled ales among shoppers in their 20s and early 30s were up 22 per cent from last year.
Dewi Williams, from Asda’s beers, wines and spirits team, said: “We’re thrilled that our younger customers are migrating towards ales and bitter.
“In recent years ale has had an old-fashioned tag unfairly attached to it when in reality it is a rich, often fruity and refreshing tipple well-suited to younger taste buds.”
Of the respondents who favoured ale over wines and spirits, more than a third said they discovered the beer in the local pub and one in four said they first tasted it while attending beer festivals .