GBP50 HD TV available at Asda from Boxing Day

Supermarket chain Asda is to offer an HD-ready LCD TV for an ultra-low price of just £50 from Boxing Day.
In-store and online shoppers will be able to pick up the Venturer 15.6-inch backlit LED TV – believed to be the cheapest of its kind in the country – from Monday 26 December.
The box comes with 720p resolution, meaning it is not Full HD at 1080p, but it does pack a Freeview Tuner, a HDMI-in slot, widescreen aspect ratio and stereo sound.
The cut-price deal, which comes a month after Asda started selling an affordable Blu-ray player for only £40, is intended to prevent arguments arising between families over which TV programmes to watch during the Christmas holidays .
“This is an astonishing deal and we’re delighted to be able to bring HD-ready TV to our customers at such an amazing price,” said Michael Arnott, the HD TV buyer at Asda .
“We’re glad to be doing our bit to support domestic harmony this Christmas .”