Sainsburys trialling grocery price match scheme

Sainsbury’s is set to take on rivals Tesco and Asda with the launch of its own price-matching scheme.
The retailer’s Brand Match initiative promises to refund the difference of branded groceries through money-off vouchers if a customer could have bought the product for less at either of its two larger competitors.
The scheme, which uses point-of-sale technology, will be trialled in 12 stores cross Northern Ireland from tomorrow (August 17) and will apply to more than 12,000 items. To qualify, customers must spend at least £20 in-store, which is also the maximum value of a Brand match coupon .
Sainsbury’s claims the scheme has the edge over rival price-matching plans as the refund coupon will be generated at the checkout counter at the end of each shop, cutting out the need to go online to get a voucher.
Mike Coupe, Sainsburys commercial director, said: “Brand Match marks a huge step forward in the supermarket shopping experience and we’re delighted customers in Northern Ireland will be the first to trial it.”
“We want to give shoppers a no-hassle experience. We understand they don’t want to spend time constantly checking prices or logging onto a computer to print out a coupon at home. Quite simply, we’re doing the maths and the work so they don’t have to.”
He added that the supermarket would rely on “independent” price data that would be updated every day and also take into account competitors’ special offers .