Waitrose to become first UK supermarket to stock turkey eggs

Waitrose has introduced turkey eggs to its supermarket shelves, marking the first time they have been available on the UK high street.
In response to growing demand from consumers for a wider range of speciality eggs, the upmarket grocer has begun selling turkey eggs in packs of two for £1.99 in selected Waitrose stores across the country. The eggs will be on sale until late August, when the laying season ends.
Turkey eggs are around one and a half times the size of large hens’ eggs and are strongly recommended for baking. They are also suitable for soft boiling, scrambling and poaching.
Waitrose eggs buyer Frances Westerman said an increasing number of shoppers are looking for alternatives to traditional hens’ eggs such as duck, goose, quail and even ostrich eggs, which all offer a more distinctive taste.
“Turkey eggs are the most asked-for speciality eggs amongst our customers,” she said. “They have excellent cooking qualities and, because they are they’re bigger than hens’ eggs – you need two instead of three to make a really light sponge cake .”
Later this month, Waitrose will also add rhea eggs to its line-up. The speciality eggs are ten times the size of medium hens’ eggs and take roughly 90 minutes to hard boil. However, they are also significantly higher in price, costing £25 per egg.