BOGOF deals blamed for escalating food waste problem

Supermarkets have been urged to cut back on the number of multi-buy deals they offer in a bid to help reduce the amount of food wasted each year.
New research the Local Government Association (LGA) revealed that some £13.7bn worth of food was binned in England last year – equal to each household wasting an average of £520 on uneaten food and drink .
The LGA said some of the blame lies with the way retailers promote the sale of perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat, adding that 40 per cent of groceries sold are currently on promotion or special offer – a record high.
To help tackle the food waste problem, the organisation has called on supermarkets to replace multi-buy or Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deals with discounts on individual products, which offer customers the same value without encouraging them to over-buy rather than encouraging them to take home more than they need.
The LGA also recommends that grocery retailers set more ambitious waste reduction targets to bring them into line with the big improvements in waste management shown by local authorities and households.
“While campaigns like Love Food, Hate Waste (promoted by WRAP) are encouraging people to make better use of the food they buy, the source of the problem is not being adequately addressed”, said Cllr Clyde Loakes, LGA environment board vice chairman.
“BOGOF deals, which give consumers a few days to munch through 16 clementines, are not about providing value for money. They are about transferring waste out of retail operations and into the family home.”