Waitrose To Introduce Plastic Pouch Packaging For Meat Lines

Waitrose has announced it is to abandon the use of polystyrene trays in packaging for all its meat lines in favour of plastic pouches.
The John Lewis -owned supermarket chain said the move will save 9,000 tonnes of packaging each year.
It added that its research suggested customers would not be put off buying meat in vacuum-packed plastic pouches, despite concerns that removing polystyrene trays from meat packaging could make products look less appealing.
Waitrose also pointed out that the pouches will be “flow packed” and not vacuum packed, as some air will remain inside the packet – similar to how crisp and bagged salad is sold.
“These packs are more slimline which gives shoppers more room in their shopping bags, fridge and when stored in the freezer, and with the added benefit of cutting waste by half but at no extra cost,” said Waitrose meat buyer Andy Boulton.
“I predict that this style of packaging will be a real hit. Feedback from customers has already been really positive as they can still buy the same quality meat products but will be minimising waste.”
The bags will be introduced on mince and diced meat lines to start with, and if successful, will also be used on meat chops, loins and other cuts.