Asda Slammed For Sale Of Crisp Butty

Asda has come under fire from consumers for launching a limited-edition crisp sandwich.
The 60p Crispwich consists of four slices of buttered bread and a small bag of ready slated crisps .
Each sandwich contains 313 calories, which is equal to 13 per cent of the daily maximum recommended for adult men and 16 per cent of that for women, and three grams of saturated fat – 15 per cent of the daily recommended adult intake.
A spokeswoman for Asda said the sandwich is a “fun product” which the supermarket came up with after its customers said they were looking for “more unusual flavours” in their sandwiches.
However, the snack has not gone down well with shoppers. One described it as “the saddest product of the year”, while another wrote: “It’s a bloomin’ crisp butty – with not much crisp. World’s gone potty.”
The Asda Crispwich is available in the Food to Go section of larger Asda stores as part of the retailer’s new ‘old school’ range, which also includes corned beef and pickle sandwiches, fish finger butties and jam sandwiches.
Earlier this year, Tesco was criticised for launching a 565-calorie lasagne sandwich, which also had the same fat content (26.9g) as two McDonald’s cheeseburgers.