Tesco To Slash Clubcard Rewards

Tesco has announced it is to cut the value of its Clubcard vouches by 25 per cent.
The supermarket chain’s Clubcard holders currently receive vouchers which can be traded-in for rewards such as cinema tickets and magazine subscriptions worth four times their value.
But from December 6, the value of these vouchers will be reduced by a quarter, meaning £10 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers will give customers the equivalent of £30 to spend on food and drink at Pizza Express, for example, instead of £40.
Meanwhile, Tesco has also confirmed it will continue to offer Clubcard members double points on all store and online purchases.
Under the double points scheme, which was originally launched as a promotion in August 2009, Clubcard shoppers receive two points for every £1 they spend.
Tesco spokesperson Lucy Lowe said: “Importantly, ’double points’ is staying and the vast majority are better off as a result of Tesco choosing this route.”
“Customers have until 5 December until these changes on rewards take place so plenty of time to exchange their vouchers, including those they are due to receive in their November statement in a few weeks time.”