Tesco Introduces Re-Sealable Wine Top

Supermarket giant Tesco has introduced a revolutionary new re-sealable top for its range of sparkling wines .
The top, which is produced by Australian closure company Zork, is designed to make it easier for people to open bottles of sparkling wine and to ensure that they keep their fizz for longer. It is also totally recyclable .
Dan Jago, Tesco’s Beer, Wines and Spirits Category Director said: “This is great news for customers who are just looking to enjoy the odd glass of sparkling wine as Zork keeps the bubbles in the bottle for more than a week, and because the bottle can now be perfectly re-sealed we believe the innovation will introduce more people to sparkling wine .”
He added: “The Zork top is not only safe and easy to use but also retains the satisfying pop, as well as the sense of celebration and ceremony associated with opening a bottle of sparkling wine. And there’s further good news as it 100 per cent recyclable and can be used to reseal other similar bottles.”
Tesco is using the plastic cap on four of its sparkling wine products: Mateus Sparkling Brut Rose; Tesco 1531 Blanquette de Limoux; Dino Durello Spumante; and Tesco Finest Angas Rose.
Current regulations only allow corks to be used as a sealant for champagnes and cavas, but the supermarket chain said it hopes to get the rules modified so that it can use the Zork closures on these products too.