Morrisons To Extend Opening Hours Until Christmas

Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced it is to trial longer opening hours at its stores in the run-up to Christmas .
Most of the retailer’s stores currently open for business at 8am and close between 8pm and 10pm.
But the company is now preparing to extend these hours so that customers can shop between 6am and 11pm.
Morrisons marketing director Angus Mciver said the move was being taken because many shoppers were being put off by the inconsistency of its store trading hours.
“Some customers like to shop on their way to work and others after they’ve put the kids to bed. But one reason they say they don’t shop here is they’re not sure when we’re open,” he commented.
Morrisons said the longer opening hours could be made permanent next year if the trial proves popular with customers.
Meanwhile, the UK’s fourth-largest grocery retailer has launched the first of its new in-store ‘labs’ at one of its Leeds stores.
The labs, which were first announced in September by Morrisons new chief executive Dalton Philips, will be used to introduce and trial new concepts with shoppers.