Asda Sued Over Dead Frog Found In Bottle Of Wine

Asda is reportedly being sued to by a shopper who claims she found a dead frog in a bottle of wine bought at one of its supermarkets .
Isolde Beesley, from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, said she bought a £3.58 bottle of Moscatel de Valencia, a white Spanish dessert wine, on December 23 last year and opened it on Boxing Day.
She said a small frog fell out of the bottle as she poured a glass to celebrate with her family and claims to have suffered stomach pains ever since.
Speaking to Decanter magazine, Miss Beesley said she had since passed the bottle on to her local Trading Standards Office and complained to Asda, prompting the retailer to temporarily remove the wine from the shelves while it investigated the incident.
She has now hired Manchester-based lawyers, TPC Solicitors, to help pursue a claim for compensation .
Beesley’s solicitor, Michael Connor said: “Mrs Beesley clearly had a contract with Asda who are under a duty by virtue of the Sale of Goods Act to make sure the wine was fit to drink .”
“Clearly, selling a bottle of wine apparently contaminated with a dead frog makes the wine unfit for consumption.”
A spokeswoman for Asda said: “We are at a total loss as to how this could have happened. It’s nigh on impossible for any object to find its way into a bottle of wine when it is being produced.”
“It simply can’t happen. So somewhere along the line between it being bottled in Spain, opened and being drunk, our unwanted guest has found its way into her glass.”
She added: “We can only apologise to the customer that they had a bad experience with our wine and it is something we will watch out for in the future.”