Asda Launches New Range Of Wonderbum Dresses

Asda has introduced a range of party dresses specially designed to suit all bottom shapes and sizes.
The new Wonderbum range, which features four dresses in sizes 8 to 20, has been launched in response to a recent study by Asda’s clothing brand George which revealed that the shape of a woman’s bottom has changed from the traditional peach to four new shapes – the pear, tomato, potato and nectarine.
According to the research, the tomato shape is the most common of the new categories, with almost half of women (45 per cent) having a bum that is “bigger, plumper, rounder and squishy to the touch”.
The next most common shape is the wide, long and lumpy potato, which is suffered by 30 per cent of British women.
Fifteen per cent have the pear shape, which is narrower at the top and almost twice the size at the fullest part of the behind, while the rare nectarine, which is described as being “close to the cartoonesque derriere perfection of two bowling balls pushed together”, is only seen on one in ten UK women.
Asda’s Wonderbum dresses are designed to cover and enhance each of these modern bottom shapes.
Fiona Lambert, director of George at Asda, said: “Women should celebrate their shapes this Christmas . We’ve designed a range of gorgeous party dresses to suit every shape and size.”
“The nation’s bottoms will shine on the dance floor this Christmas whether in a floor-length maxi dress or our structured black lace dress .”