Sales Of Retro Ice Lollies Soaring At Waitrose

Retro food products such as original children’s ice creams and ice lollies will be this summer’s must-have sweet treats for adults and children, according to supermarket chain Waitrose .
The upmarket grocery retailer said it has seen a huge rise in demand of such products over the last four weeks, with sales of retro children’s frozen lollies soaring by 44 per cent.
With adults showing just as much appetite for ice creams and frozen lollies as kids and hotter summer weather on the way, Waitrose expects sales to continue rising over the coming weeks.
Vanessa Stephenson, frozen food buyer for Waitrose, said: “Sales of retro ice lollies are on the rise as nostalgic adults buy into these treats because they symbolise happy childhood memories while appealing to their own kids too.”
“I predict sales will continue to rise because retro ice creams and iced lollies are an affordable treat.”
In response to the hike in demand, Waitrose has extended its own-label frozen lolly and ice cream lines available in its value Essential range with the addition of the Essential Chocolate and Vanilla Cone and the Essential Strawberry Spilt.