Bollywood Films On Sale At Asda

Asda has become the first supermarket group in the UK to sell Bollywood films .
Classic movies from India’s largest film production industry went on sale at Asda stores nationwide on Saturday (March 27) from only £2.
Asda’s stock includes modern hits such as Heroes for £7 – around half the normal retail price – and old classics, including seventies action flick Sholay – the most successful film in the history of Bollywood and Indian cinema – for just £5.
The Walmart-owned retailer said the release of Bollywood DVDs was due to growing consumer demand, with successful Brit-Asian flicks like Slumdog Millionaire and Bend it Like Beckham helping to grow the appeal of Indian films in the UK.
Asda spokeswoman Noor Ali said: “Bollywood cinema is growing in popularity and is now enjoyed all over the world.”
“Now all our customers can have the ultimate Indian night in with a meal from one of our curry counters, Bombay mix and sweets.”
The Bollywood film industry is based in Mumbai, India, and is said to be worth around £22.3 billion, with over 800 movies produced each year.