Asda Fires Latest Shot In Fuel Price War

Asda has hit back in the ongoing supermarket price war by cutting the cost of unleaded fuel by up to 2p per litre.
The supermarket chain slashed prices at all its UK forecourts this morning to 112.9p for a litre of unleaded petrol and 116.9p for diesel.
According to the AA, the company’s latest reductions will make it the cheapest fuel provider in the UK.
David Miles, Asda’s commercial director, said: “We are dropping prices so that from today anyone filling up at Asda will not pay more than 112.9ppl for petrol and 116.9ppl for diesel.”
“Our long-standing commitment to British drivers means everyone benefits from our low prices .”
“Let’s hope other petrol retailers don’t penalise people who aren’t lucky enough to live near and Asda, as so often is the case.”
The move by Britain’s second largest grocery retailer comes a day after rival Morrisons reduced the cost of unleaded petrol by 1p a litre and diesel by 2p a litre at its 293 UK forecourts, taking the company’s average fuel prices to 114.5p and 116.3p a litre for unleaded and diesel respectively.
However, Andrew Howard of the AA warned that falling fuel prices at both supermarkets are not likely to be felt nationwide.
He said: “Prices are subject to local competitive pressures, and although prices are likely to go down in towns where there are Asda and Morrisons forecourts, it is unlikely to happen elsewhere.”