Asda Censured For Misleading Returns Policy Ad

Asda has been banned from showing its new 100-day returns policy advert by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
The commercial promoted a “100-day quality guarantee” for Asda’s George clothing line.
The ad prompted a complaint from one viewer who said the 100-day guarantee was misleading because customers actually had more time to return goods that were not of satisfactory quality under the Sale of Goods Act.
In response, Asda said the guarantee allowed customers to return clothes within 100 days because they had changed their mind, not just because they were faulty.
The supermarket chain added that it had explained to its staff the difference between faulty goods covered by the Sale of Goods Act and the “quality” list covered by its 100-day guarantee.
However, the complaint was upheld by the ASA. The UK’s advertising watchdog confirmed that legislation allows consumers up to six years to take action for breach of contract.
It said: “We considered that the George 100-day guarantee, as presented in the ad, did not offer any more consumer protection, in relation to the obligation for a seller to provide goods of a satisfactory quality, than that already available under statutory legislation.”