Waitrose To Sell Fifth Taste Umami Paste

Waitrose has announced it is to become the first supermarket chain to sell the elusive fifth taste, known as umami.
Umami, was first discovered by Japanese scientists in the early 1900s as the human tongue’s fifth taste sensation, but was only recently accepted in the West, where only sweet, sour, salty and bitter were recognised.
The intensely savoury taste is said to boost the flavour of dishes and is commonly used to produce food in Michelin star restaurants .
Umami is now being rolled out by Watirose in the form of paste, called Taste No. 5. The product will go on sale in 197 Waitrose stores nationwide from next week at a price of £2.99.
The product, created by London-based chef and food writer Laura Santtini, combines umami-rich Italian ingredients, such as tomato, Parmesan cheese and porcini mushrooms, into a single paste that can be rubbed, squeezed or spread.
“Umami is part of our everyday eating lives; it is just that many of us don’t know what to call it,” said Laura.
“It is what gives depth of flavour to food. Every food culture has its umami-rich ingredients, whether it is seaweed in Japan or Parmesan in Italy .”
A Waitrose spokesperson commented: “It’s only recently that a tangible product related to the fifth taste has become available. We believe our customers will relish the chance to explore it.”