Sainsburys Reaches First Recycling Target For Milk Bottles

Sainsbury’s has revealed it has achieved the first of its long-term green packaging targets for its milk bottles .
The supermarket chain is now using 10 per cent recycled content in its milk packaging – the first target set out in the retailer’s Milk Roadmap.
Under the green initiative, which was launched in 2008, Sainsburys initial aim was to have 10 per cent recycled material in milk packaging by 2010. The next targets set out in the Milk Roadmap are 30 per cent recycled content in milk bottles by 2015 and 50 per cent by 2020.
A spokesperson for the UK’s third-largest grocery retailer said milk was one of its most popular lines, with shoppers picking up some 785 million pints last year, which in return means “958 tonnes of plastic that can be recycled back into milk bottles “.
One of the firms supplying Sainsbury’s bottle producers with recycled material is Closed Loop Recycling .
“Companies like Closed Loop Recycling take UK-sourced consumer plastic waste and recycle it into high-quality material suitable for food and drink packaging,” the Sainsbury’s spokesperson explained.
“Without this technology and infrastructure, it wouldn’t be possible to include 10 per cent HDPE in our milk bottles achieving greater sustainability and reducing each bottle’s carbon footprint .”