Asda Slammed For Demanding Money Off Fund-Raising Charities

Supermarket giant Asda has come under fire for asking charity groups to give a share of the money they collected from its customers.
According to reports, managers of the Asda superstore in Pontprennau, Cardiff, charged Christian Aid and a group of fund-raisers from a local school £100 each to make collections at the store and help shoppers bag their groceries .
Pupils from Cardiff High School managed to raise £500 for a trip to Tanzania next summer, while charity Christian Aid collected £300 in donations.
However their day-long fund-raising efforts were quickly dented by Asda’s demand for a cut of the cash.
One stunned parent said: “We couldn’t believe our ears when Asda wanted a cut out of our collections.”
“The pupils worked hard all day but this is a big chunk out of their money when it is all added up. The store finally agreed to take £50, but that is still too much when they collected barely £500 on the day.”
“Stores like this always talk about playing a role in the community – but then they want to take the money out of the children’s pockets.”
An Asda spokeswoman apologised for the incident. She said: “It seems this is an isolated incident where this individual store has asked for a donation from monies raised by the two charities in-store, which was then subsequently donated to Asda’s national Breast Cancer Charity .”
“We’re sorry for this mistake, it’s not our policy and we will of course refund both charities immediately.”