Tesco Embroiled In Legal Dispute With Fashion Retailer Next

Tesco has been accused of copying the designs of several clothing lines from high street fashion retailer Next .
Next claims that the design and sale of Tesco’s Cherokee shoes is based on its own Trekker range of shoes .
It also claims that its Strike Babes trainers, crocodile shorts, a hooded cardigan, combat jeans and two clothing motifs used in its ranges were also copied by the supermarket giant.
Next has taken the dispute to the courts, filing claims alleging that Tesco infringed its design rights.
Tesco has denied the allegations and, according to reports, has filed a counterclaim alleging that Next sent the supermarket “unjustified” threatening letters on four occasions throughout this year and last.
A spokesperson for the retailer said: “As a significant owner of intellectual property ourselves we take any claim of infringement extremely seriously, however, as this is an on-going legal matter we are unable to comment further.”