Police Called In To Investigate Asda Chicken Licker

A former Asda employee who was filmed licking a raw chicken, urinating in a bin and smashing eggs at the supermarket has said he is “deeply ashamed” of his actions.
Adeel Ayub, 30, was filmed on a mobile phone by a co-worker as went on the rampage in the Asda store, slashing furniture, smashing up trophies awarded to the store, hitting eggs with a cricket bat, playing football with in-store goods and setting off fire extinguishers .
The footage, which was taken on night shifts at the store in Preston, Lancashire, also showed the former shelf-stacker stamping on raw chickens on display before tearing off the wrapping, licking a chicken and putting it back on the shelf.
Asda bosses said they have called in police to investigate the video footage but Ayub admitted he was ashamed of his behaviour and is ready to face the consequences.
He said: “I know there is no excuse for my atrocious behaviour and I am truly sorry for what I did back then. I express my profound apologies to Asda and to its staff and customers.”
“Words are insufficient to express my regret and remorse. I am deeply ashamed of my behaviour and am prepared to suffer any consequences as a result of my inexcusable actions.”
Ayub, who left Asda in December 2006, stressed that the videos were made during his day off and edited to only feature him carrying out the vile antics.
An Asda spokeswoman said: “We are absolutely disgusted and appalled by the behaviour of this man.”
“Despite leaving our business three years ago, now we have video evidence of criminal damage we are taking this matter up with the police.”
Insp Jameel Murtza, of Lancashire Police, said officers were currently reviewing CCTV footage of the incident and liaising with Asda to “identify any criminal offences that may have taken place”.