Asda Cuts 2p Off Fuel Prices

Asda has cut the price of petrol at its forecourts by 2p per litre and diesel by 1p, as the supermarket fuel price war intensifies.
The UK’s second largest food retailer said the maximum price motorists will now pay at an Asda pump is 102.9p for unleaded and 103.9p for diesel.
Asda said it was able to make the reduction due to falling costs in its supply chain and the weakening US dollar .
David Miles, Asda’s commercial director, said: “Once again we have led the way by passing on the benefits of lower costs to our customers as quickly as possible.”
“While others try to bamboozle drivers with money off vouchers and plastic points, we prefer to lower our prices.”
“Companies that are charging more than 107p for a litre of fuel are inflating their profits at the motorist’s expense. Unfortunately, they are often able to get away with it because there isn’t an Asda nearby driving down prices.”
At the start of the month, UK drivers were hit by a 2p increase in fuel duty as the cost of crude oil rose to $72 a barrel.
“Had Alistair Darling not increased Fuel Duty in September we could be looking at bringing prices back below the £1 mark,” Miles added.
“Nevertheless, our latest price cut is a welcome move in the right direction, and will help drivers make ends meet.”