Morrisons Unveils Food Waste Campaign

Supermarket chain Morrisons has launched a national food waste campaign in an effort to help customers save money and become more eco-friendly.
Under its new “Great Taste Less Waste” campaign all relevant Morrisons food ranges will carry stickers with advice for customers on how to best store the product in order to prolong its storage life and reduce food waste .
According to government figures, around 12 million tonnes of food is sent to landfill sites each year.
However, Morrisons believes its rivals are not doing enough to minimise food waste and says the public are ill-informed about the issue.
The UK’s fourth largest supermarket claims the food production and retail cycle contributes 2 per cent to the total amount of CO2 emissions produced in Britain, while dumped food generates methane which is 24 times more corrosive than CO2.
A Morrisons spokesman said the move will “help to fuel Loyalty” among its customers because the in-store, online and PR campaign will help them to save money each week while ensuring they contribute to improving the environment.
“Morrisons is already doing very well on reducing its own food waste, but what’s the point if we don’t help customers to do their bit as well?” he explained.
A recent customer survey carried out by the retailer revealed just 12 per cent of consumers believe Britain’s supermarkets use the right packaging to help keep food fresher for longer.