Morrisons Receives 400 Applications For Jobs At New Cambridge Store

The opening of a new Morrisons supermarket in Cambridge has attracted huge interest from the town’s job seekers, with more than 400 people applying for 45 positions at the new store.
The supermarket giant said nearly all of the application forms picked up at its recent recruitment event were completed and returned.
Morrisons said it has been stunned by the response and is now going through the process of picking out suitable candidates for posts at the Royston store, which will include checkout operators, bakers, butchers and staff to work behind its fresh food counters.
It added that the new recruits will be joined by employees from the town’s Somerfield store, which closed last week and is set to be converted under the Morrisons brand.
Morrisons retail recruitment manager, Gail Roberts said: “We have had an amazing response to the recruitment drive and are optimistic that we will build up a team that can deliver great service to the people of Royston.”
Steve Larcombe, chairman of Royston Chamber of Commerce, commented: “There’s almost a palpable sense of excitement in Royston that such a robust retailer is coming to the town.”
“I believe other businesses will welcome Morrisons, because the store will be an anchor for the town, and will be a big incentive for people to walk into the town centre, rather than driving to the edge of town.”