Morrisons Magazine Set To Debut Online

Supermarket chain Morrisons is to launch an online edition of its in-store magazine for the first time this week, giving consumers’ easy access to content from the printed publication in a rich media format.
Web users will be able to flick through interactive pages of Morrisons Magazine content, clicking on features and images to view video footage.
Information on produce, the editor’s letter and other static editorial content will be displayed in video form, showing readers behind-the-scenes footage of in-store activity.
Standard Morrisons Magazine content such as recipes, celebrity chef columns and special supermarket deals will also be available to readers of the interactive ‘ezine’.
Consumers will not initially be able to contribute content to the site, but Morrisons has confirmed the site is capable of Web 2.0, giving the possibility of social features being rolled out at a later date.
Morrisons has been publishing its in-store magazine since early 2008. The UK’s fourth-largest grocery chain currently distributes around 1.5 million publications across its 375 UK stores.