Lidl Brings Back GBP5 Lobster Deal

Discount supermarket chain Lidl is set to re-introduce its £5 lobster deal, following last year’s huge success with the offer.
The increasingly popular food retailer, which has been one of the few retailers to report considerable sales growth during the recession, is again offering the cut-price lobster as part of a new Easter range of luxury bargain-priced items.
As well as a pre-cooked and frozen lobster for a fiver, shoppers from Monday (March 30) will be able to buy a whole duck, weighing more than 5lb, for £5.99, and a 1.5lb pack of frozen salmon in a Provencal sauce for £4.49.
The luxury Easter range will also include discount-priced pheasant, venison and prawns .
Lidl said last year’s launch of the cut-price crustaceans persuaded hundreds of thousands of customers to flock to its stores last year.
Analysts also a saw a large increase in the number of middle-class shoppers entering Lidl stores across the country, with former Waitrose and Sainsbury customers downgrading and to the German discounter.
A company spokesman said: “At Lidl we are exclusively for everyone, we are seeing people from all walks of life shopping with us and people are still buying luxury items such as our lobster .”
“The phrase which sums it up is affluent thrift. Everyone is looking for luxury but now price is a factor more than ever.”

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