Asda Restores Pocket-Tap Adverts

Asda has re-launched its famous “pocket tap” TV advertising campaign, more than 30 years after it was first introduced, as it looks to further emphasise its low-cost credentials.
The new commercial features Asda staff tapping their back pockets alongside the original jingle, and includes the “saving you money everyday” strapline.
Staff and customers will be filmed taking part in a synchronised pocket-tap, which will be posted on the newly launched Asda TV site as part of the campaign launch.
The campaign will also feature staff promoting ins-store offers, including three packs of fresh meat for £10 and 100 frozen and 200 health and beauty products for £1, along with claims that Asda is the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket, using data from price comparison website
The pocket-tap adverts made their first appearance in 1977 and are designed to show customers tapping their back pockets to show their left over change from shopping at Asda.
Asda’s chief marketing officer Rick Bendel commented: “At a time when you don’t know who you can trust, the pocket tap is a reassuring symbol that sums up what Asda stands for – straightforward, honest and committed to saving our customers money every day.”

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