Tesco Offers Free Laptops To Mobile Broadband Customers

Supermarket giant Tesco is offering free laptops to shoppers who sign up to selection of its mobile broadband packaged.
Customers can choose from a range of ready-made deals or build their own bundles from the choice of laptops, mobile broadband providers and tariffs available.
The ‘build your own’ mobile broadband offer consists of 30 different laptops and netbooks, from manufacturers such as Dell and Compaq, on a choice of two mobile networks – Orange and 3 .
Top deals include a Dell Studio XPS 16 with a 24-month 3 mobile broadband package at £29.36 a month, which according to Tesco saves consumers £464 off the retail price, and a Compaq CQ60-214EM with either Orange or 3 for £34.26 per month.
The deals are available at 50 of Tesco’s in-store phone shops and through the retailer’s online mobile phone store – Tescocontractmobilephones.com.
Lance Batchelor, chief executive officer of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers free laptops and netbooks for the very first time.”
“We believe that mobile broadband is going to really take off in 2009 and we want to help our customers get the very best deals, making it easier than ever for them to stay connected wherever they are.”