Sainsburys To Become First To Ditch Cereal Boxes

Sainsbury’s has announced plans to replace boxes for its own-brand cereals with recyclable plastic bags, bringing an end to a century-old tradition.
The latest green move by the UK’s third-largest supermarket chain aims to cut packaging on its entire range of products by a third.
Sainsburys has already tested the new packaging with the Rice Pops cereal in its Basics range, which is now being sold in a plastic bag – similar to those used for crisps – in stores around the country and online.
The retailer has also begun selling milk in two-pint polythene bags, replacing the plastic bottle. The containers, which involve 75 per cent less packaging than plastic milk bottles, are also on sale at Waitrose .
Stuart Lendrum, head of packaging at Sainsbury’s, said: “When it comes to cereal, our customers asked us why they need to be in a box as well as a bag when you can just print all the information on the bag.”
“We have tested it and are really happy that the Rice Pop cereal works in a bag. Because it is small, round and quite solid it doesn’t break up like another cereal might do.”
“Every single cereal is going to be different and react differently to friction and movement.”
He added: “The next product to be launched in a bag will be our Fruit and Fibre basics range. We are testing how it does in bags at the moment.”
Kellogg’s, the world’s biggest cereal manufacturer, is considering following suit, although it is concerned whether the packaging will protect the quality of its cereals .
Sainsbury’s says it is committed to reducing packaging by a third by 2015, which it claims will cut waste by more than 50,000 tons.