Marks and Spencer Ranked Worst Supermarket for Packaging

Marks and Spencer has been named as the worst supermarket for packaging in a new study by consumer watchdog Which?
Despite vastly improving its environment-friendly credentials over the last two years, including the introduction of charging for the use of plastic bags, the group found that the upmarket retailer lags behind the leading supermarkets when it comes to the weight of its packaging .
Which? compared the packaging weight of 27 own-brand items, including fresh and frozen food, from each of the major grocery chains.
It found that M&S packaging for bacon and mushrooms were heavier than all its rivals while its ice cream tubs were 16g heavier than the Sainsburys equivalent.
In terms of total weight, M&S packaging, including the labels, totalled 415g, while Sainsbury’s had the lightest at 369g, just below Tesco at 370g.
The study concluded that supermarkets and manufacturers need to increase their efforts in cutting out excessive packaging from their product lines.
In response, M&S claimed the findings were inaccurate as the study failed to take recycled materials into account.
A statement read: “We use as much recycled content as possible, which can make our plastic packaging weigh more but means it’s more environmentally sustainable.”
Under its ambitious environmental programme, titled Plan A, the retailer aims to become carbon neutral by 2012 and ensure no waste is sent to landfill sites .