Supermarket beers sales will exceed pub beer sales in 2010

The amount of beer sold in pubs will be overtaken by next year by the sales of beer in supermarkets and off licenses .
The recession and cut-price offers from supermarkets is encourage money conscious Brits to drink at home .
The knock on effect of supermarket cheap alcohol is pubs losing sales and closing down.
Market research company Nielsen have reported that beer volumes fell by 11 per cent in May, wine sales fell by nine per cent and spirit sales were down eight per cent as a result of cheap alcohol being sold by supermarkets.
Sales of beer in pubs and restaurants are called ‘on-trade’ and make up 58 per cent of the market, where as the market for beers sold elsewhere, ‘off-trade’ is 42 per cent.
Graham Page, consultant for Nielsen believes that off-trade beer sales will surpass on-trade sales in 2010. He said that pub companies and brewers must make review their prices to tempt consumers back into pubs.
Pubs selling alcohol only are having a harder time of it than those selling food. It is hoped the World Cup will have a positive effect on the market but consumers also look where they get value for money brewers need to look at producing value beers .