Sainsburys Not In Favour Of Carbon Labelling

Supermarket chain Sainsburys has rejected the idea of introducing carbon labelling to its product lines, according to a report by The Grocer .
In an interview with the grocery retail magazine, Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King spoke of concerns he had regarding the benefits of including carbon labels on packaging .
King explained that his uncertainty over the idea was due to the fact carbon labelling does not take into account the carbon footprint of the product after it has left the supermarket .
He said: “We are yet to see a model proposed that would provide consumers with information that would allow them to make a decision.”
His comments come after last month’s release of a Carbon Trust study which claimed that seven out of ten British consumers want businesses to help them make more informed choices with regards to green issues.
As part of a new environmental strategy, Sainsbury’s recently announced plans to cut the weight of its overall packaging by a third, or by 50,000 tonnes, by 2015.