Asda Slashes Fuel Prices To Under A GBP1 A Litre

Asda has sparked a new fuel price war by cutting the cost of unleaded petrol and diesel to 99.9p a litre at all its 176 forecourts.
The supermarket giant said it could not defend charging motorists more than £1 for fuel given the fall in the price of crude oil, which is currently less than half the record $147 a barrel it reached last summer.
Commercial director David Miles said: “There is no justification for any major retailer selling fuel above £1 per litre – that is why we are delighted to be able to reduce both petrol and diesel to 99.9p per litre for all our customers in line with falling costs.”
“Asda is offering value to all drivers nationwide and we can guarantee all our customers that they’ll get a fair price for their fuel no matter what they fill up with at the pump.”
Morrisons has quickly followed suit by reducing the price of its fuel by 3p a litre to 99.9p at some of its supermarket fuelling stations, while Sainsbury’s has promised to offer the same price at more than a quarter of its forecourts.
Paul Watters, head of public affairs at the AA, commented: “99p a litre is a compelling proposition. A two-digit price tag will drive people your way.”
He added: “A 2p drop in petrol saves the average UK family £4.34, a month which can then be spent in the high street revitalising businesses.”
According to website, the average price per litre charged for unleaded petrol across Britain is 103.8p, ranging between 99.9p and 115.9p, while the average cost of diesel is 105.3p, ranging from 99.9p to a high of 117.0p.