Asda Introduces Green Beef Range

Asda has enhanced its green credentials further by launching a range of low carbon beef .
The supermarket chain claims the new range has “the lowest carbon footprint in the industry” as it is produced using a third less CO2 than standard beef .
The saving comes from slaughtering animals, in this case dairy bulls, at the age of nine to 11 months old, much sooner than the average 24-month lifespan of standard cattle.
As the animals used are dairy bulls, the CO2 they emit is technically classified as a “by-product” of milk production and is offset against the existing dairy farming process.
In addition, as the calf is slaughtered at 9-11 months it typically emits significantly less CO2 during its lifetime than standard cattle.
Also, because the animals are smaller in size, portions are easier to manage and therefore the retail price is lower than standard beef .
Pearce Hughes, Asda’s agriculture development manager, said: “We’ve been working on this programme for a number of years and are proud to finally see it come into fruition.”
“We wanted to create a low carbon beef that was both accessible to our consumers and viable for our farmers.”
“Should the product prove successful, we could be looking to extend it into our successful ‘Respectful’ low carbon range of free range eggs “.