Rise In Frozen Food Sales Reported

Asda has reported “significant growth” in sales of frozen foods as cash-strapped consumers look to reduce their bills amid the economic recession .
The supermarket chain said British shoppers purchased nearly £5 billion worth of frozen foods last years – up 6 per cent on 2007 – with meat, poultry and fish sales leading the way.
Sales of meat joints have soared 48 per cent in the last twelve months, ice cream desserts 30 per cent, fish cakes 23 per cent and frozen peas 13 per cent at Asda alone.
Fish fingers have also made a comeback, with sales up 5 per cent to £609 million. A pack of 12 fish fingers can now be purchased for just £1 at some supermarkets .
Brian Young of the British Frozen Food Federation said: “With the credit crunch in full swing, consumers are turning to frozen food in vast numbers, attracted by cheaper and less wasteful products.”
He added that he expects the sales figure to top £5 billion in 2009 as stores continue slash prices and offer more promotions on frozen goods .
The surge in popularity signals a major turnaround for frozen foods, following years of poor sales amid claims that some frozen meals were high in salt and saturated fat.

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